Which 120gb Solid State Drive would you go for in 2014?

Hello. I was wondering what SSD you recommend or if there have been better ones that have come out in 2014 so far?

I was looking to get a 120gb one just for the Operating System and to help Skyrim go through the loading screens faster.

I looked at different brands through Newegg and am trying to decide between these 2.

Kingston HyperX 3K SH103S3B/120G


OCZ VTX460-25SAT3-120G

The Kingston one actually mentions that it helps with games, etc.. and has faster Read/Write speeds than OCZ but has gotten several reviews that it died after so many months.

The OCZ Vertex 460 I think came out this year with 19nm MLC memory flash component (if that helps with anything? helps keep it cooler?), not sure what Kingstons is with that, and it states twice the amount of life expectancy (MTBF) than Kingstons. Thanks for comparing these 2 yourselves and for your suggestions. I looked at Samsung 840 EVO and some others. Some do not have specifications listed when trying to compare on Newegg.

I saw this chart too if this makes a difference. http://www.tweaktown.com/blogs/Chris_Ramseyer/58/real-world-ssd-performance-why-time-matters-when-testing/index.htmlsandisk/index.html
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  1. Virtually any SSD will give you a dramatic improvement in performance. The Samsung 840 PRO is consistently the highest rated drive out there, and the Samsung 840 EVO does a pretty good job as well. I own one of each, and unless you setup a specific test scenario - the price differential isn't worth paying the extra for the 840 Pro.
  2. Honestly in my opinion, SSD speed isn't as important as it's reliability, because most SSD today are fast enough that you won't notice their difference unless you're doing benchmark. Therefore when I recommend SSD to people, I tend to go with the cheaper one that still has good ratings. If it helps, go with Samsung 840 EVO, they are the only company that manufacturer every parts of that SSD themselves, I believe. Hence the compatibility and first grade chips.
    or Kingston SSDNow V300 cuz it's so cheap and still does pretty much the same thing
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