Minecraft Server: Using current computer or seperate?

At some point I'd like to build a MC server. It would have McMMO, Essentials, WE, WG, Magicspells and some custom plugins. It would support up to 30 people. I'm wondering if I could run it from a computer with 8 GB of RAM. If not, what are the factors in whether a computer can host a MC server or not? Should I get a seperate physical server? Explain everything, please.
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  1. well, you could do it yourself with 8gb ram, but that means that computer is pretty much fully dedicated to your server. i would pay a company to host it for you,
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    On top of what danbuscus said you also have to take into account what your Internet can cope with. Go to and follow the instructions there.

    So you are limited by RAM (4GB for you after you take off what your system will use for everything else), how long you can keep your pc on for, and the Internet. You are also limited by your cpu which will need to be at least 4, preferably 6 cores and be 3GHz plus.

    Other than getting a monster pc and fibre optics, The best thing to do is probably to pay to get a server hosted. I use easy network solutions who host in the UK and USA. For 30 slots you'll probably need around 3GB which is £12 a month I believe.
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