Will my AMD Athlon II 740k bottleneck the R9 270x or Gtx 760?

My Birthday is coming up and I wanted to buy myself a new graphics card for my gaming pc. I am a little stuck on which one to get as of gaming wise and bottle neck, the two graphics cards are the ones I am looking at but if anyone can suggest any better or if they will bottle neck that will be most appreciated
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  1. probly, i would spend some money and get an am3+ based system with fx 4300. how much money are you looking at?
  2. It will not matter which one you decide to go for because your CPU will be your true bottleneck.
  3. i dont know where you live but microcenter has fx 8320 for 99 bucks get that and a decent mobo and enjoy
  4. Yes. I would expect a bottom neck of either card. Either fx processor or i3 3rd Gen at least.
  5. I'll possibly have ave £200 as I'm in th UK but Iight go for the processor then?
    Do you have any other suggestions on graphics cards? I have the amd 7770 and the moment
  6. I might*
  7. How good do you want your graphics to be an fx 6300 can take you a long way
  8. I would also chose the FX-6300 and for the motherboard is best to go with Asus they ofer the best,i have FX-8320 and Asus M5A99X EVO R 2.0 mobo ,they are great.
  9. Something that can run battlefield 4 at a decent fps or something where I won't need to upgrade for a while
  10. You will get stable 60 FPS with R7 260x on medium settings vsync 1080p without antialiasing , i have stable 60 FPS on R9 270X ultra high textures an the other high without antialiasing. The 260X has Mantle for Battlefield and True Audio.
  11. For the money the fx 6300 + is a great deal
  12. How bad would the bottleneck be if I got the r9 270x?
  13. In games that are using 2-4 cores compared to fx its not that bad but as games move forward and use more cores its atrocious.,3584-16.html
  14. The place it will really hurt is minimum fps it will get brutal in the future.
  15. Ah right..
    What graphics card should I go for then that's good enough for my processor?
  16. Im a big supporter of buying the best card you can as you have a quad core you should be ok on games that aren't using more cores. Games like bf4 or cysis 3 need the more cores. But they are the exception. What kind of budget do you have.
  17. If you could come up with 270 I would get this but you might need a new psu.
  18. Because yes it will get bottlenecks but in the future when you upgrade cpu it will be great and it gives you the best you can do now and prices are reasonable for cards in the UK compared to the states Damn.
  19. Thanks for the support I think I'm gonna get a new processor first
  20. Best answer
    do you have an fm2 board or is it fm2+
  21. I think I have San fm2+
  22. Was just thinking since you have fm 2+ maybe you could get a a10-7850k and run it in dual mode with your hd7770
  23. Never mind I don't think its compatible get a fx 6300 if your going Budget or a fx 8350 or i5 3570/4670k if you have time to same.
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