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What I am ultimately trying to do is have my desktop recognize the wireless network so that I can broadcast media from my desktop to my chromecast. The problem is that I connect to the internet via a wireless access point (Edimax EW-7416), so as far as the computer knows it is on an ethernet connection, since that is what is plugged in. But Chromecast requires a wireless connection to broadcast media to it.

Is there a way to trick my computer into realizing it is on a wireless network so that I can send media from my PC to the chromecast?
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  1. The WiFi network and your LAN are the same network - you should be able to stream stuff easily, unless it's expected to go direct to the Chromecast rather than through a network.
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    Yes, they are the same network. However, the desktop Chromecast app requires that there be a wireless connection so that it can connect to the device itself. While I am connected to a wireless network, it is through the AP via ethernet, so my computer sees it as a LAN connection. I need to somehow tell the computer that it is actually connected to a wireless network, even though it is getting the connection through ethernet. My thoughts were setup a virtual device for the connection, and I went through the AP setup to see if there was anything there. Unfortunately neither of those panned out. Any other suggestions?
  3. Ah. They do want to connect directly to the device.

    You probably need to get a WiFi card.

    Can you set it up from a tablet or phone?
  4. Yeah, a separate WiFi card would probably be easiest. It would just be nice if I could do it with my current hardware. It does work through my phone for Netflix, but I am trying to stream local content on my desktop to the Chromecast which can only be done with an app using my current setup. An app that charges a monthly fee which I would like to avoid.
  5. Yay, proprietary tech.

    I can't think of much that would get around it.

    It should only be ~$15 for a decent WiFi card.
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