GTX 780 MSI Edition 3GB OC - Extremely Hot Temps.. did this guy fry it...?

Hey there everybody,

Just recently bought a used custom-built computer. I've built several of my own and have a good working knowledge of it. Not too much on heat issues with GPU's however.

Basically, just wanted to see if what I'm seeing is normal or not... This is the card:

I've tried to run 3 games. Team Fortress 2, DayZ and Thief.

Results -
1) DayZ is pre-release alpha, so not worthy of appraising yet.
2) Thief I had to drop the settings to Normal Texture Quality, Low Shadow Quality, Normal Depth of Field, Default Texture Filtering Quality, NO SSA, No Screenspace Reflection, No FFXA, No Parallel Occlusion Mapping, No Contact Hardening Shadows, No Tesselation.

With the above stated settings, I'm still at 80c - 90c... wtf? I jacked my fan speed up to 75% too.

3) TF2 with medium - high settings, 90c as well.

**Note: I do have a Catleap 1440p Monitor *** Would it help tremendously if I dropped the resolution to 1080p instead? I would assume so, but not sure, as none of my issues are framerate issues. The card is beastly and should be able to get good frame rates in most games, but is running extremely hot.

Any advice? It still is under warranty, should I just return it and get a new board? Not sure if this is normal, certainly doesnt seem like it is.
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  1. Is the rig built by a custom PC company or like a friend of yours?
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    Seems like overheatings, however it shouldn't fry it(unless it went over 100C).

    It's way to hot though, it shouldn't really go beyond 75-80.
    Is their any dust build up in the card?
    Do you have decent airflow in the case?
    The thermal paste might be dried to

    Why drop your resolution? A 780(have one to)can easilly run every game on very high @1440p. You need to fix your temps and enjoy full 1440p.
  3. It was a friend of mine. It's got a little dust build up, but not much--- I'll air it out. Case has ok airflow, I actually left the side panel off. The thermal paste is probably dried, but I just think he probably OC'd it or something too long and it's just running really hot. It's still under warranty. I think I might just RMA it, get a new one, sell that and get a slightly better card...
  4. I have nothing against RMA as long as you don't mind the hassle.
    There's no better card out there other than GTX 780Ti, so unless you're willing to spend another $100 or $200, then I suggest you to keep the GTX 780. It should be a very very good card anyway.
  5. Alright thanks. Yeah it's just really bad timing. Titanfall is almost here!!!!.... =/

    And yeah, it has gone up to 96c.. so I know that there is something seriously wrong here. Not to mention one of the fans is making a weird buzzing noise!
  6. That way to hot, running above 95 for a long time will damage you card.
    Either RMA or replace the thermal paste if you want to keep it longer than 1-2 years
  7. Yep, applied for RMA. Just gotta ship it out. Thanks gents. I also ordered some thermal paste for the next one that comes in!
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