Ext hard drive fail, now showing up as a CD drive.

I bought a new PC and it did only have a 120 GB SSD and im a gamer so i had no room for steam games and stuff so i used an external hard drive as my gaming hard drive, it all worked fine until about an hour ago, (00:00 GMT 4 of march 2014) when i was watching youtube suddenly steam and all the other programs i had on the hard drive chrashed and i couldnt find my hard drive (E:/) in explorer. i tried turning of my computer and re plugging the hard drive but windows said i needed to format the drive in order to open it, i tried again and windows tought it was powerISO or dameon tools or what and could only acces my drive if i mounted it, so i deleted powerISO because i thought that was the problem, now my drive shows up as a CD drive so i plugged it into a different computer and it worked fine. should i just backup the important stuff and format the drive or is there any easy way out, this has happened before but i just plugged it out and in and it worked again. i will not edit something in regedit, ive tried before and it did not go very well.
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  1. It suddenly fixed it self amazingly only error is it appears to be both a hard drive and a CD drive now. no need o answer!
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    Hi there,

    How old have you had the drive for?

    Try booting your computer in safe mode and accessing the drive through that.

    It is advisable that you copy all the important data off of it as if it is failing then it is no longer reliable for data storage. And then you can reformat it and use at your own risk

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