How to make triple monitors(eyefinity) have windows open on middle monitor?

So i recently set up a triple monitor set up, and with games it works perfectly but when just using firefox or anything it stretches the thing across all the monitors. Is it possible to make them open only on the middle screen? Im using an ATI card, in other words Eyefinity.
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  1. I personally switch between "normal" and eyefinity mode. I only go into eyefinity when I am going to game or else I have this issue. I suggest using the keyboard shortcut [start + p]. Using extend goes into the normal mode and duplicate places it back into eyefinity.
  2. Hmmm ill give that a shot! I wanted to ask one more thing. it seems that in desktop mode, the monitor that is hooked up to my mini display to hdmi adapter. The picture is all jittery, this only happens on desktop otherwise in games its fine. Its also not the monitor since I hooked it up to the other ones and samething happened. Is the converter maybe bad? Like would a minidisplayport to DVI or VGA a better choice?
  3. That is odd. Which monitor are you using the active display port on? I have a mini-display to HDMI, mini-display to my active DVI adapter, and a DVI. There should be nothing wrong using mini-display port. I am wondering if your cord is just bad, or if there is something loose on the HDMI port on the monitor. I am guessing you tried the mini to HDMI with your other monitors.
  4. Well technically im using it on my left monitor, but i have tested it on my other monitors (all are identical) and it seems the monitor which is connected with the adapter is giving me nothing but trouble.
  5. I have add good luck with this adapter: Accell B087B-006B
  6. So I restarted my PC and first thing that pops up is a notification saying The System has detected a problem with the connection between your computer and the displayport display that will prevent you from using the highest resolution and/or refresh rates. Also At the moment the monitor hooked up to the adapter when in extended desktop mode just flashes on the odd occasion and satys black the rest of the time
  7. Also as a side note im using a StarTech mini Display to HDMI adapter
  8. I think you need a new cable.
  9. You mean adapter? I can try switching cables completely
  10. sorry. Yes adapter.
  11. Should i try a minidisplay to VGA instead maybe? Or just try a different model minidisplay to HDMI?
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    I would not use VGA no matter what. You may be able to find the adapter, but will be hard pressed to find a quality VGA cable. I would either use a mini-DVI or HDMI adapter. I suggest the one I linked previously.
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