I don't think graphics card will fit if i buy a new cpu [HELP]

I have a really generic motherboard, i currently have the asus 2gb 7770. I'm worried if i buy this cpu:

I'm worried that it will get in the way of my gpu as it looks a little bit bigger then the current heatsink i have on my motherboard, i'm not even sure if that heatsink is where the cpu is

My generic motherboard:
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  1. This is what a typical heatsink looks like. Most stock ones are roughly the same size.
  2. What cpu are you currently using?
  3. IF you would be so kind to look at the picture again, is that the cpu? Right next to the pcie x16 slot?
  4. I have the one that came with my build, e2-3200
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    No. There is no cpu in that picture. The cpu goes in the white square thing in the middle slightly above center but still in the middle
  6. Sorry that i'm a little dumb with computers, sorry i had to waste your time
  7. I'm not gonna lie I'm a little confused as to why using a different CPU would cause your graphics card not to fit?? I've never heard of this problem.

    Theres only one form fitted spot to drop in the CPU; any CPU of the same socket will not have a larger/smaller diameter than the other.

    You have no choice but to use a CPU from the same socket as the CPU currently in your motherboard. You can't use an INTEL cpu in an AMD motherboard or Vice Versa.

    Other than that you need to give a little more information because right now the ONLY situation I can think of that you would run into this problem is if your attempting to get a CPU bigger than the socket on your motherboard which won't work Lol.
  8. Also if your serious about upgrading your PC to game and your using a POS motherboard that came with a factory built HP/Compaq/Dell or whatever I advise you just buy a new motherboard.

    Even the cheap $50 boards are leaps and bounds better than anything that comes from one of those OEM.
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