Compatible RAM for my PC ?

Hello all
I want to install an extra 8 GB RAM on my pc, but i don't know what type of RAM is compatible with my PC, can anyone tell me ?
My pc's specs:
Dell optiplex 9010
I-7 3.4
radeon hd 7850 2 gb
800 watts GPU
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    16GB bundle but you can surely find a single 8gb one around the link is just for the RAM reference :P
  2. Referred RAM has CAS of 11.

    Check this one. It will fit in your system. It is 1600MHz with CAS 9 and 1.5voltage.
  3. Yeah i know thoes website but what are the things i should look for in a RAM to know it's compatible, i'm in saudi arabia and i can't that type.
    Here is what's written on the one i found
    8GB DDR3 1333

    Thanks guys
  4. Yes, this RAM is also compatible. Check the specs of the mobo on your system. It will inform you that what RAM is supported like DDR3, Maximum speed etc, recommended voltage etc
  5. How do i check the motherboard's specs ?
    I'm not very good in computers sorry
  6. Wait, I'll confirm you shortly
  7. Best answer
    Here it is:

    Your system supports maximum of 32GB DDR3 RAM with speed of 1600MHz.

    Achieve high performance.
    Harness Intel® Core™ i5 or Intel® Core™ i7 processor speed, ample storage, high-bandwidth memory and powerful discrete graphics options of the OptiPlex 9010.

    • Tackle your toughest jobs with up to 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors, featuring large, high-frequency cache for serious multitasking.
    • Get the latest productivity tools with Windows 8 Pro.
    • Find your balance of technology and performance with hard drive, SSD or hybrid drive options.
    • Run multiple programs simultaneously with high-bandwidth DDR3 memory.
    • Enjoy outstanding graphics performance with optional NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics (available in Mini-Tower only).
    • Speed through your workload with up to 32GB of memory and support for up to 1600MHz.
  8. Thank you easylover.
  9. You are welcome dear.
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