9800gt 1gb, hd6750 or R5770?

hi i got a question, which of the 3 video cards is the best choice?
EVGA 9800gt 1gb 256 bits
XFX 6750 1gb
MSI R5770 HAWK 1gb
remembering that the R5770 has only 1 cooler, please help me
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  1. HD 6750 is the best out of those three.

    Is there a budget for those purchase? If so, I would like to suggest something else if possible.
  2. I am Brazilian and here are the 3 R$ 300,00 (USD 127,98)
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    With that budget you might be able to get a R7 260X, it will demolish 6750.
    If you can't find something like that go for HD 7770, GTX 650.
    All of them will outperform HD 6750 by far.
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