IPv6 problem, no internet access

Alright, my internet on my laptop just went out overnight, when I'm looking I see;
IPv4 Connectivity: Internet
IPv6 Connectivity: No Internet Access
Media State: Enabled
SSID: (my router)
Duration: 00:37:40 (it's counting up)
Speed: 72.0 Mbps
Signal Quality: (5 bars)

So, I have tried disabling the IPv6, and it changes the state to No network access. But there is still no internet. Anyone know if this is a problem with my wireless hardware? Or is it something I can fix without taking apart my laptop? (Everything else in my house connects to the internet, my other laptop, my tablet, my Xbox, my phone. This laptop is for music creation.)

I also tried a wired connection, still no internet. It also still says it is the IPv6 not getting a connection.
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  1. No IPv6 access is normal; only a very very small number of ISPs allow it and those aren't enabled by default, usually.

    Can you post the output of 'ipconfig /all' from a command line?
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