suggest nvidia graphics card for my asus a8ne motherboard

I have a assembled pc with a8ne motherboard and amd athlon. My graphics card nividia geforce px6200tctdh died. so i m look out to buy a replacement. so kindly suggest nvidia or other pciexpress x16 cards for my motherboard. I also want the graphics card to be supported by linux especially Debian

will the follwing graphics card suit a8ne motherboard or not
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    Your motherboard only has a PCI Express graphics card slot. The AGP graphics card you have listed (FX5500) is not compatible with your motherboard.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I'll suggest a third: XD
  3. @ak47jar3d - Either show me where on the OP's motherboard an MXM slot for the graphics solution you linked or update your link to a relevant graphics solution.

    -Wolf sends
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