2TB and 4TB WD HDD wrong used and free space numbers. Folder size doubled.

Hello all,

I have 2 WD HDD one is 2TB the other is 4TB My Book. Originally they clashed and my laptop could only recognise one at a time (useless as I wanted to use one as backup to the other) I had to change the drive letter and display both as online.

Now they both show up when plugged in but the 2TB HDD claims to have a capacity of 3.63TB with 700MB of free space. I believe this free space is accurate as the same HDD plugged into my Samsung Bluray player shows as 2TB with 1.3TB used.

My 4TB HDD on my laptop shows as 3.63TB with 118MB of free space. The 4TB HDD plugged into the Bluray player shows as 2TB with 1.88TB used, would this be because the Bluray cannot read a HDD with a capacity beyond 2TB? If so then does that mean I have 2.12TB of free space?

Another strange occurrence is the folder size reading. The main folder on both drives with most of my stuff in it shows as 2.67TB when I check the properties. I also ran an independent program to check that this file size was correct and it showed the same. How is this possible on a 2TB HDD? The same folder shows on the Bluray player as 1.3TB, Why has it doubled? There are no hidden files.

I cannot format either drive because I have files on the 2TB HDD to transfer to the 4TB HDD, when I try to transfer them I get a message saying the 4TB HDD hasn't enough free space. How do I access the other 2TB on the 4TB drive? As far as I know it's not partitioned. I'm using a Toshiba Satellite Pro Notebook running Windows 7

2 pots of tea, 5 hours and a tonne of googling has not helped. Ready to throw laptop against wall and weep. I'd appreciate any help offered.

Things I want:
- 4TB HDD to show on laptop as 4TB
- 2TB HDD to show on laptop as 2TB
- The folder size of 2.67TB to show as actual size of 1.3TB
- To have both HDD plugged in at the same time reading the correct storage and free space.
- To have the 4TB HDD to be one whole drive and not 2 parts.
- Not to lose any data.
- Someone to pat me on the head, say "silly duffer" and give clear and concise step by step instructions on how to fix all the things.

Not likely, but hopeful :F
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  1. The capacities can be reported as terabytes (decimal) or tebibytes (binary).

    4TB = 3.63TiB


    ISTM that you are correct in your thinking regarding the Bluray player. It does appear to be limited to 2TiB capacities. You say that the 4TB drive "shows as 2TB with 1.88TB used". In other words, the player is saying that the drive has 0.12TB free. That's about 120GB. You state that the free space reported by the laptop is 118MB. Did you actually mean 118GB?

    As for why your 2TB drive has assumed the identity (?) of your 4TB drive, we would need to examine sectors 0, 1, and 2 with a disc editor (eg DMDE, freeware) in readonly mode.
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