Computer freezes randomly.

So, I've been having this problem for about 2 weeks.
The thing is, my computer freezes at any time, even when browsing the internet, but if I'm on a Skype call I can keep on talking to others (the computer won't respond though).
This are the different thigs I've tried and didn't work:
- Reapiring Windows.
- Reinstalling Windows.
- Cleaning the CPU, hardware included.
- Changing my Anti-virus (since I've read somewhere that could be causing some trouble.
I've noticed my Motherboard's battery is dying, which brings me to the following question, could that be the reason behind this random freezing?
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  1. It's unlikely that the motherboard is the cause - but what do you mean by "I've noticed that my Motherboard's battery is dying?"

    Most likely, it's a display driver crash as you say you can keep speaking on Skype after the freeze - i.e. the computer is working fine, it's just that the GPU output has stopped.

    Is your GPU overclocked and what temperatures are you reading when it's idle?
  2. About the Motherboard, I've been having to reconfigurate the hour and date 7 or 8 times already (not really weird, since I haven't changed the battery in 3 years).
    The GPU is not overclocked and it's temperature is 55 to 60º C when it's idle. By the way, the drivers are up to date.
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