Hey Guys! Possible wrong chipset driver? Downgrade Win8 to Win7 - STUMPED!

Hey all!

I recently purchased the Toshiba C55-A5285 laptop. Its great so far except for the awful eyesore/headache that is Windows 8. (no offense to current users!) I couldn't take it so I made sure to grab all the drivers listed for my model # and made sure to follow the directions I've read on countless other forum posts regarding installation procedure. I changed bios, deleted/formatted partitions and installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit). Installation went smoothly. After install was finished I popped in my flash drive and dragged all the drivers I got onto the desktop and proceeded with the one I read was to be installed first. The chipset uw utility. After that I went to install the display drivers. It extracted but nothing came up. Tried rebooting and still...nothing. So I found the temp folder it extracted to and manually tried to run its setup.exe. I get the message "Your system is not compatible blah blah blah...". Long story short, I had to go to intel's webiste and download the drivers for the graphics and the IMEI and the USB 3.0 drivers because not ONE SINGLE DRIVER from the toshiba site would install. Except for the "chipset", but im starting to beleive that didn't work as well....Im REALLY confused here. I am not a novice PC user by any means, and I made sure the model # I entered for the drivers was the exact model listed on the bottom of my laptop. I just dont understand why NONE of the drivers worked. And im thinking now maybe I have the wrong drivers installed!. Things are working fine yes..but I'm a bit weary that they aren't working the correct way maybe?
Attached is a screenshot of my device manager as it is. I thank you all very much for your time and would really appreciate any suggestions..im stumped!

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  1. The reason those drivers did not work it's because the Toshiba drivers on the site are only for Windows 8. It's a bit tough to sort things out there as they don't list any OS pick when you go to the drivers. But if you uncheck the Windows 8 stuff at the bottom, nothing really is left in the list.
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