Best 8g memory for ocing on my new build

Azza 9000
Asus max vi formula
Samsung 128
Wd blue 1t
Corsair 850w
Swiftech 220 edge 240 push/pull + additional swiftech 120 rad push/pull
Evga gtx 760 4g in SLI
Intel specs out 1333 or 1600 not sure if I can go more I'm a noob only second build never oced and want to badly. Already have patriot viper extreme 2x4g 1333mhz cl9 1.5v
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    Pretty sure 1866 is the best you can get.
    Your processor doesn't work with ram that has a higher voltage than that.
  2. 4670K can generally handle up through 2133 without OCing, or with a slight OC (4.0),2400 is an option w/ a 4.2 OC or better, 2666 is iffy....Would look for 1.5 sticks through 1866, for 2133 and up 1.6-1.65 voltage is perfectly fine and safe, Intel certifies most all of these sticks that are sent in for certification
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