Connecting three monitors to Asus R9 280X

Hi Tomshardware

I currently have 2 Dell U2713HM monitors and am looking into buying a Benq BL2411PT for use in portrait mode.

There is a problem, however. My GPU has 4 connections:

My U2713HM monitors can only use DVI-D and DisplayPort (DVI-I is incompatible with them and HDMI only allows 1920x1080 instead of the native resolution), which means only the HDMI and DVI-I port are left to use.

The Benq monitor only seems to support VGA (lol), DVI-D and Displayport, so I'm sort of out of connectivity options... so...

How do I connect the Benq monitor to my GPU?
Would the above cable work if I used the HDMI port on the GPU and the DP port on the monitor? (website in Danish; it's not a virus site).

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  1. You can use adapters. Like HDMI to VGA or whatever you need.
  2. So the cable I linked won't work?

    I'd prefer to use a cable without adapters, but if the cable isn't okay what about this then?

    Thanks for your reply
  3. Right, didn't see link. That works for sure yeah.
  4. Best answer
    Pretty much if it goes in the hole, it works :D
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