PC shuts down / crashes during games

Simply Put, my PC just shuts off during gaming, or rarely displays the Blue Screen for about 3 seconds before shutting off.

I greatly appreciate any help!

It's been like this for about 2 years since I got it, and used to randomly crash about once or twice a day. Now it's about once every 5-10 minutes while gaming.

They range from simple games such as Dungeon Defenders, League of Legends, Dota, to more complex games like Skyrim, Call of Duty. Basically any full screen game gives me this problem and very very rarely while using an internet browser.

Computer Specs
- Windows 7 64bit, Intel i3
- ATI Radeon HD 5770 Powercolor
- 650watt Coolermaster PSU
- 6gb DDR3 ram (2+2+1+1)

Attempted Solutions (that failed)
- Replaced 550 Coolermaster PSU with the 650 one
- Replaced my videocard with a frends Radeon HD 5770 xfx - no difference
- Removed 1 stick of ram at a time to find which one was faulty - first 3 no difference, 4th one slowed crashes (but might just be coincidence)
- Cleaned out the dust from the fans - no difference
- Over the years I've formatted a few times and installed the latest drivers - no difference

Tests (that also failed)
- Since I've formatted a few times and removed viruses, it shouldn't be virus related
- I've ran memtest86 over night (12 passes) and all my ram appeared to not have any errors
- I've ran FurMark stress test for about 20 minutes. My PC qiuickly jumped up to 82 degrees and stayed there. It ran at 100% Cpu/gpu without problems.

Despite all the above, it will still crash within a short period when running a full screen game.
(Everything I've done above was found through google. At this point I have no idea what it could be)

Could it be the motherboard? Cpu? Bios problem? I don't know how to test those

I'd be super greatful for any help, thanks!
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  1. try with 2+2 ram only.
  2. Nikola Aslanov-1338074 said:
    try with 2+2 ram only.

    I've tried with many ram combinations, but I will try that again. Does it matter what slots they go in?
    My computer has slots coloured Black-White-Black-White.
  3. Typically you use 1 and 3, then 2 and 4.
    Your situation sounds identical to one I had last year. Memtest86 run 2 nights in a row, no fails.
    But it was the memory. 2 in particular, either 1 alone would crash.
    The only app I found that would get it to crash during windows and not a game was the OCCT stress test. I think the cpu +mem, linpack test.
    Try that and see if it'll freeze up the desktop. Never before had I cheered with triumph to crash my system.
    My wife insisted it was WoW.
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