Need help if power supply would be sufficient

Hi This is my current build:

Intel i5 750 (LGA 1156) 2.67GHz
2 x 1TB Seagate HD
1 x 240GB Crucial SSD
3 x 120mm Fan
2 x 140mm Fan
Palit GeForce GTX 260

I am planning to add
Corsair H100i

and upgrade to (LGA 1150)

and I'm planning to add another SSD

My question is, will vX550W survive with the power load?

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  1. the gpu uses 182W under load. 550-182=368W for the rest of your system. So I think it should be fine, if your worried get something with more wattage.
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    Yes it will be plenty. I am using 4770, asus formula vi, gtx 660, noctua cooler, 2 2tb hdd, 1 240gb ssd, 6 fans and I have 525w PSU.

    It is sufficient for your requirements
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