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Can't install Windows 7 on Samsung 840 SSD. Partition reserved by system.

I just bought a Samsung 840 SSD of 250GB. I'm trying to install Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on it right now. But when I try to select the SSD, it says that the size is only 100MB and that the partition is reserved by the system.

How can I fix this?
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    thats system reserved. its held in reserve and is normal. you will have to make another partition which will be your primary partition with the windows installer.
    you should see raw space of about 230 gigs. select that and create new. quick format then install.
  2. are you sure your windows installer is pointed to the ssd and your to the main hard drive?? if the hard drive has an os on it. power down your rig and then unplug the sata data cable to the hard drive so you dont wipe your old data off of it. if the vendor put a partion on the ssd then go under advance tools on windows installer and delete the partion on the ssd and then reboot and rerun the installer. on the rerun windows will make two partion for you.
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