Game still lags even after installing new graphics card

I was really struggling when playing some newer games on my pc, for example when i played assassins creed revelation or crysis 2, far cry 3 i always had to fix the in-game settings(resolution, detalis...) to the lowest possible. I used RADEON hd6530d onboard graphics (on APU A6 3600 procesor 2,6ghz). So i thaught the source of the problem was my integrated graphics. Having that in mind i bought a radeon hd6670 2GB 800mhz graphics card installed it and still had the exact same shitty gaming experience. My firend has hd6670 2GB 800mhz also with a Intel Dual Core E6600 3.06ghz procesor and he is playing the newest games absolutely fine without having to adjust any in-game settings. We both have 4gb ram, the processors are almost the same ,RAM is also the same (4gb) on both pcs, why is his gaming experience so much better?
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    it's due to your low powered apu, and his cpu being much better than yours.
  2. The processor might and most probably definitely is bottle necking the graphics card. My recommendation is to get a better processor.
  3. Yeah your CPU is just old man. and don't go buying a new fx 6300 or something because it might not even work in your motherboard.
  4. I guess all of you are right(you were the first one to answer) Im really not that good when it comes to CPUs so i compared the two processors on game-debate and they said that both processors are relatively similar :( . I knew i should have come to Toms with this earlier. Guess im gonna end up buying a new CPU. Thanks for the answer. :)
  5. make sure your motherboard supports the new cpu as well. most likely you will also have to buy a new motherboard if you want to get any kind of performance boost.
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