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Hello community!
I need your advice on how to fix my problem. About 5 months ago I've bought a PC which was considered a decent rig at that moment for gaming and video editing purposes. It has an ASUS GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 as a GPU. It ran smoothly in heavy 3d games like max payne 3, crysis 3, witcher 2 and rome 2 total war and I had no complaints for most of the time.
But about two weeks ago I started having issues during graphically intense games. The system started to freeze, monitor went black and message "No signal" appeared. I searched for reasons for this to happen and in the end it turned out that my GPU overheats like crazy in the very same situations that it behaved normally earlier. I opened the case and cleaned the hardware of any dust etc i could find but the issue remains. In other cases PC works just perfect and I can still run low-demanding 3d games like Dota 2 and League of Legends on the highest settings with stable framerates with no overheating. But when I run the same Witcher, Max Payne etc It overheats and freezes system in like 5-10 minutes.

I need your suggestions on what may be causing it and what are the ways to fix this if there are any. I want to avoid returning the GPU to the seller because I've bought it pretty far away from home and it'll take about 3 hours to get there by bus:)

Any help will be appreciated greatly! Thanks!
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    It is likely that the card or its cooling solution is failing. You can buy aftermarket coolers. Such will require disassembling the card though.

    Best of luck.
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