what would be the best cpu for my asrock n68c-s ucc motherboard

I have been looking at the phenom 2 1055t, but it looks like it might be 125w and the motherboard has a tdp of 95w. Now the phenom 2 1065t says it's 95w, hard to take in when the 1055t is I'm sure 125/95w. What's worse is I want to keep my mobo and a gamedebate.com cpu score of 9/10. Unless there is another solution I don't want an 8/10, I'm already a 6/10 with an phenom 9500 tlb patch off (hence 9550 speeds). But by all means I was debating if the phenom 2 1065t would take it is not in the processor list for the mobo. Any other thoughts on the best cpu for this mobo, cause it has a fbs of 2000; will that effect my upgrade. I am running ddr2 just don't know if that will make this a sound upgrade or I bet I will have to upgrade the ddr2 to make use of my upgrade. Here's the finall thought in fps(min lows and min highs):

-Adaptive v-sync on at 60- galaxy 670 gc 4gb vram

Metro 2044: 56-60
Just cause 2: 30-60
Mafia2: 54-60
Metal gear revengence: 34-57
Gtr2: 28-60
Far cry 3: 28-42
Ghost busters: 38-54
Driver san francisco: -60-

I have other games, no need to mention they all run 60fps easy. Either it's my ddr2 ram or cpu throttling my pc. Debates are welcomed. Now I put this into your hands. Don't be afraid to tell me to just keep my set up the way it is(that includes 4gb ddr2; also a thought I'm pretty sure my ram I installed is not on the compatibility list/ hence the phenom 2 1065t hmmm....maybe it will take ).
Also here is the site to refence the mobo: http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?cat=CPU&Model=N68C-S%20UCC

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  1. My advice would be to ignore AM3, It's hard and expensive to get the CPU's nowadays and the Phenom II X6 1055 is a 125W TDP processor but the X6 1045 and 1065 are 95W TDP Source: http://www.amd.com/uk/products/desktop/processors/phenom-ii/Pages/phenom-ii-model-number-comparison.aspx

    Upgrade your CPU AND Motherboard, it'll open you up to a myriad of new features such as USB3 and SATA6 and DDR3 RAM(vastly superior to DDR2)

    How much would you be willing to spend on upgrades?
  2. Why upgrade my motherboard that still works. Right? Thanks for the offer but I would like to keep my motherboard. Saves on landfill waste. Because a motherboard upgrade would mean a new os, ram, and processor. More then my max pay out limit. Also if I just upgrade my cpu when I need to upgrade my mobo I will have a processor. All I would need is ram to complete the upgrade for now I just want to upgrade the cpu. Maybe it's my love of the amd phenom! \o/
  3. if you buy a new phenom now you'll get mugged off on price.

    get a pre-owned phenom 1045 or 1065.

    also you this sentence "Also if I just upgrade my cpu when I need to upgrade my mobo I will have a processor" is fair enough if you want to upgrade to AM3+ as it will support the 1045/1065.

    It's just it's not cost effective to buy new phenom x6's now.

    Pre-owned 1045/1065 best way forward.
  4. Getting the phenom 1055t 95w might produce an oem, being that a rare find I opt out. Now you sure the phenom 1065t will work; read a forum that looked like it took on the mobo. Anyway I am calculating I got well under 500$ to upgrade and all I got to show to add to the new set up would be:

    Galaxy 670 gc 4gb vram

    I would get need to get

    See it just goes over my budget, but I need to wait for windows 9. All I want now is vista. I used win 7 to fancy and stripped down vista. Win 8 hurts my brain.
    If I were to just get a used phenom how reliant is a used cpu of that kind or any kind. Cause I won't pay more then a amd fx-6300 price range even if the phenom was new. Hold your comments, I know it's a huge task to make it seem feasible, but if you can convince me my mobo will take a phenom 1065t and the used ones are reliant I will spend the time to pull this off.

    Again JAH BLESS and thanks
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