want to buy a monitor with more than 60hz refresh rate

but i'm having problems finding out if my GPU, a gtx 660 2gig is capable of this.

i know a 660 is rather weak, but i don't use AA on most games so i know going past 60 would not be an issue with most of the games i play.

is there a link or a list of what refresh rates popular gpu's are capable of?

thanks in advance for any info :)
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    Refresh rate limits only matter for CRT monitors.

    for 120, 144 or 240hz, your GPU should be fine.
  3. ok thanks, now, would it make sense to get a 85 hz monitor or just get a 120?
  4. Depends on the monitor... got a link handy?

    Usually cheap prices means cheap quality, means it will cause you problems.
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