Do most motherboards offer MCE (Multi-Core Enhancement)? Turbo boost in all cores?

Hello. I was considering getting a Xeon E3-1230 V3 and saw that it can go up to 3.7ghz with Turbo Boost feature on motherboards but someone mentioned looking for motherboards that have MCE (Multi-Core Enhancement) so that all cores will be run at that speed from another post and I just wanted to confirm which motherboard would have this.

"From Other Post

I believe the turbo is on by default on most motherboards, so you should be achieving 3.7GHz. If you want all cores/threads to run at 3.7GHz when at full load (100% usage) then you need a motherboard with an MCE (Multi-Core Enhancement) option in the BIOS, I believe most ASRock boards (i was informed that the Z87 Pro3 does) have this and honestly most reputable brands/models probably will. Normally I believe at 100% usage the clock speed would drop to 3.5GHz or somewhere in that region, and I think this occurs with all intel chips. The MCE option would circumvent that. "


I was going to get an Asus Z87k

but since he mentioned that one specific AsRock motherboard, I may go for that unless the Asus has this feature too?

Thank you for letting me know how to take advantage of the additional speed offered by Turbo Boost. That would be nice if all 4 cores could perform at that level.

If you know of a motherboard that offers MCE, do let me know. Have a great day! :)
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  1. well, if there is an overclocking option, then it will be for all of the cores.
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    Agreed, you can get a OC capable CPU, but if the board doesn't support OC then you won't be able to. Conversely the same thing, you can have a OC capable Mobo, but if you dont' have the right CPU then your not able to OC it. Now some cores (like in laptops) are purposefully 'slower' until a demand is set, this is to help save battery power when you don't need to be 'full power' just looking at webpages and such.

    Why a XEON? If this is for gaming, you be better served using a i7 then a XEON. The XEON best works for Video/Rendering software (AutoCad, Maya, etc.) not 'gaming rendering', and as a Server to handle multiple requests at the same time
  3. agreed, go with an i7.
  4. Yes, the I7 would be the best bet due to that Xeon's are mainly optimized for server pcs.
  5. well, the xeon is made for servers, not gaming. the i5 and i7 are mostly made for gaming, and will actually give you better preformance at a lower cost.
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