i5 3330 vs i5 4440 vs i3 4330

Just want to know which one is the best cpu for gaming, according to their price/performance ratio.
I have a 7770 and a 500 watts power supply that i will use with the cpu.
Is the quadcore worth it? or the new i3 4330 has enough power to dont be far behind a quadcore in gaming?
and, sugestions for the motherboard with suport of sata and pcix16 3 would be great (a budget one plis, i dont need fany stuff with suport for crossfire))
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  1. The i5 4440 is obviously the best of the 3 but I think you knew that. Yes a quad core i5 would be a good bit better than a dual core i3 in gaming.
  2. 4440 with ASRock B85 Pro4
  3. or MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate

    Yes quad core is worth it and then some. 98% of gamers on a fairly recent steam survey were using quads.

    The i3 won't even come close in newer games
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    Getting a quad core i5 CPU would be ideal if you can afford it. Most games still only use 2 cores, however, that is a very general statement. The games that you are interested in playing may support 4 cores and therefore a Core i5 CPU would provide better performance than a Core i3 CPU.

    Playing games with a dual core CPU like the Core i3 is still possible even with games that can make use of 4 cores. However, doing so would mean lower performance. For example, lots of people play games on laptops however, only the Core i7 CPUs with the MQ, HQ and MX designations are quad core CPUs. All other Intel CPUs are only dual core with hyper threading.
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