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I have a 790 sli FTW nvidia mobo and cannot seem to setup the raid drivers. Note that i already setup the array but during installation it requires drivers and the ones i have are from here:


I select my array during installations and as i select my drivers through usb it says its the wrong ones. Not sure what other drivers i can get since everything else is floppy drivers. installing win 8. win 7 install goes to BSOD during loading my array. Not sure what else could be the problem. Is there a way to setup the array separately like the software raid but have it ready and partitioned to simply install the OS without asking for drivers?
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    File Size: 160 MB
    Contains •RAID Driver (v10.3.0.42) WHQL

    You need to uncompress the file if it is compressed. Then go thru the folders until you find the folder with the RAD drivers for your operating system. That would be the correct folder the installer is looking for.
  2. Right.

    In the bios Sata should be enabled.
    You should then have an extended menu where
    The two drives should be paired.

    Serial ATA Enabled.
    Raid Enabled

    Sata 0,1,2,3,4 port, or drives set to raid mode.

    Save the settings before exiting the bios.

    On the next boot press F10 ect to enter the hardware raid setup, Choosing your Raid type eg Raid 0 array, and if it is striped or mirrored.

    The Raid setup will then ask you to format, or select build to set up the array, of the two drives selected.

    Once done simply boot off the windows install cd start the windows installation and it should not blue screen if using the Nvidia raid controller.

    You cannot simply set the options in the bios.
    You must go into the extended raid setup options and create the array and format the disks to set the raid array up with both drives selected.

    The navigation keys of the Nvidia hardware raid setup are listed at the bottom of the menu screen.
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