Computer locks up/Over heats

When I try to play games my cpu would heat up to 75c and then just locks up and needs a hard reboot. I also recently replaced my heat sink because It had was ruined thinking it would fix my over heating problems. Which it did for about 1 week then started up again. I've have also used prime95 and could never finish a test but while watching it two threads said Error: Illegal Sumout not sure what this means.

Motherboard - Asus M5A97 EVO
GPU- GeForce GTX780
PSU- TX650 650W
OS- Windows 7(64bit)

if I am missing anything please tell me :D

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    Well, I'm pretty sure you are way overloading that motherboard and possibly stressing the power supply too much. The M5A97 EVO isn't bad, but also really can't support the crazy high clock speeds of the 9370 and 220W power draw, plus the 780 does consume a lot of power as well. This all causes a lack of power able to be supplied, MAYBE, but also a lot of heating since the motherboard is working crazy hard to supply the CPU with enough power and ends up not being able to. That's why the socket temp is so high.
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