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Hey, so this s the second time this has happened to me. My computer freezes up and the CPU fan isn't spinning so I have to shut it down. When I turn it on it starts to spin but stops, does about a half rotation or so. I've tried helping it spin by flicking it, removing and putting back in my ram, using air duster to clean any dust out, unplugging and replugging it back into the MOBO, as well as pushing on the 4 screws to make sure they are pushed in all the way. The first time this happened I was playing a game, and the second I was just browsing the web. Both times after doing all of these things and them not working I've eventually just left it alone for a bit with the case open for breathing room to get the CPU temp down and then when I turn it back on about 15 min later it tries to spin a couple times and then starts spinning fully and working again. I'm not sure if its a faulty fan, if the temp is getting too hot and shuts down and that's why it works after I leave it alone and off for a bit (even though every time I've checked my temps with the program "speed fan" they are perfect temps), or if its something else. Any advice/help would be appreciated. My specs are as follows:
Intel i7-4770k 3.5 GHz CPU
16gb Corsair Vengeance Ram
Nvidia Geforce 770 OC edition
2TB Hard Drive
Windows 8.1

Note: The CPU fan is stock and I built the rig myself AND the CPU fan is plugged into the CPU fan spot on the MOBo :p and I have not tried removing the fan itself from the MOBO
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    I think the bearings in the fan might have gone bad. Yes the computer is freazing and shutting off because it is to hot. Do not use your computer untill u get the fan fixed as it will cause damage to the cpu. i would suggest getting a new cooler for the cpu. they are pretty cheap.
  2. You can lubricate the old bearings if they aren't spinning - remove the intel sticker and remove the little dust cap that is there. Spray some lubricant in there, such as wd40, and wala. It works.
  3. Thanks form the responses guys. Ya I definitely understand why the computer is freezing and it worries me. Do you really think the bearings have gone bad? I built this rig probably around 3-4 months ago so the CPU fan is only that old. I will try using wd40 on the bearings and let you know my results after some time. It just happened again now, the third time and this time it didn't start up to the bios, its just a blank screen and makes me extremely worried that the CPU got fried or something. I'll update shortly.
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