Graphics card installed, fans work, not being detected by computer/ working with monitor

Hi! I am a new member and also new to computer upgrading.
I have an Acer Aspire AM3470G-UW10P desktop computer that I bought about 2 years ago. It has a 300W power supply.
Recently I've had an interest in upgrading it. First I put in some more RAM, added 4GB and now I have 8GB. That all worked fine.
A few days ago I bought an XFX AMD Radeon HD 6670 2 GB graphics card(PCI-E). I did as much research on the card and the process of installing it as I know how to do.

I got it, opened the spaces in the back of my case for the output things. I didn't see anywhere on the card to plug in power, but I thought, "Oh well, I kept seeing on all the reviews about it that it can draw power through the motherboard, so maybe this is how it goes," and put it in. It fits fine. When I power the PC, the fans on the card blow just fine. After Windows 7 started up, before I did anything, a thing popped up telling me it was installing the drivers for it. Said "Ready to Use". I put in the disc it came with and installed all of that. But everywhere I check on my computer, even the program from the disc, still only sees my integrated 6530D graphics chip. When I plug the VGA cable from my monitor into my graphics card, it's just black and goes into sleep.

I kept seeing this thing about going into bios and enabling the PCI-E slot. So I did. Still nothing. Then I went to the Acer Site and downloaded the latest thing for my motherboard. Nothing.

I keep seeing on the forums that it could be a problem with my power supply. Does this seem likely? I know I'm kinda low-balling it, the AMD website recommended a 400w, but my computer is currently only using 96W and the card should only need about 120W MAX.

Any help you could give would be helpful. Please let me know if I left out any important information. Thank you.

UPDATE: I installed the latest drivers. So now the AMD Catalyst software sees the 6670 and so does Windows Device Manager, and Device Manager says that it's working properly. But STILL NO PICTURE when I plug the VGA cable into it instead of the motherboard. I disabled the onboard graphics and then the device manager said the 6670 no longer worked. Then I enabled the onboard and it says it works again. I don't know what to do anymore.

Please help if you can.
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  1. Did you install drivers for the graphics card itself?
  2. airplanegeek said:
    Did you install drivers for the graphics card itself?

    I installed whatever the disc that came with it had on it, and also, for whatever it's worth, the computer said it was installing drivers for the card the first time I turned it on after putting in the card. Since then, I can't find anything on the computer saying it's there.
    I am currently downloading Catalyst Software Suite from, I don't know if that will maybe have a new version of the drivers or what but that's what I'm doing.

    Thanks for reading my post!
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    Installing the catalyst suite should fix the problems
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