Multi fan CPU cooler (adding extra fans)

If I were to get a closed loop radiator to cool my CPU would there be any benefit of adding 2 or even 4 fans to it? I would expect better results but would it be noticeable?
Is there a way to keep it quieter if I were to buy it?
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    Adding good fans to a closed loop cooler/radiator will have positive effects unless it causes the airflow in your case to go crazy.

    Which closed loop cooler do you plan to get? I've always fancied GT fans but those SP Quiet Editions from Corsair are also okay. Just make sure to dial down the RPM if it goes too high so it doesn't end up sounding like a jet.
  2. I just saw a video on how somebody put 40 fans on a CM 110 closed loop. He got -13 and I wanted to see how much a smaller version of that could cool. obviously not -13 but i'd settle for 20 :D
    I have no intentions of buying it. this is more a "for fun topic"
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