Need help! motherboard problem! Blue screen, laggy. slow, random restart errors at bootup!!

My comp has the folliwing problems. Blue screen of death, slow, laggy, booting up errors, keeps restarting when its booted up. does anyone have an idea what is happening ? my computer seems to be doing this for a while now. ive reformatted it a few times with new windows and fresh hardrive but the computer is really slow and doesnt function properly as its specs is pretty good. is it maybe a problem with the mother board ? should i get a new one ? if so which one! any help will be appreciated thanks guys!
my specs are:
Intel i7 (dunno which gen but its pretty old)
2gb RAM
nvidia gefroce GTS 260
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  1. do you get any errors off the BSOD?
  2. No i dont think so its just blue screens then restarts if thats what you mean, thanks for the reply!
  3. its very tricky at this point. Take it to a repair place (not best buy) and have a hardware diagnostics run. it could be one of many issues and that will be the best way to check it
  4. it may b a heating issue
    reapply the thermal paste
    but before clean the previous paste
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