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I'm looking to build a new system, for the first time, on a SLIM BUDGET. Only using laptop atm. I want to play the newest game titles. I have never tried overclocking. I live in Sweden, and prices for computer parts in the US seem to be lower.

I have a box, it's a micro-ATX desktop (i think), so it won't fit a 12cm high graphic's card but will instead need a "low profile" card. One problem with this is that about the best card available is an AMD 250 LP, which is a descent card but just a little to slow possibly.

Second factor to consider: I have a ~280w PSU in the old box, but i'm not even sure if there is a pin to connect to the graphics card to the PSU, and... apparently low profile PCI-e cards are limited to recieving only 25w from the motherboard..

So, instead the new AMD A10-7850K, and A10-7700K caught my eye. AMD boast more than 30fps running Bf4 at 1920x1080 at medium settings, that's quite incredible and I think would probably be enough for my needs.

Or wait... is that "minimum" or "average" 30fps? But AMD says even in the product description specifically "will play Bf4 at medium settings..." I just didn't think integrated graphics had come that far.

AND these APU's sell around $200. So that would give me CPU+GPU for just about the price of one. The kind of performance A10-7850 gives, is that about comparable to say a HD7770 and some decent CPU like FX6300? But the A10 is cheaper than that combo. I was also looking at Intel integrated graphics but this A10 is just way better it seems.

Ok so the A10-7850 doesn't have any GDDR5, but it just uses the system DDR3? So my question is how much RAM would I usually need to buy for a gaming comp, and how much extra RAM should I need using the A10-7850K or A10-7700K?

I assume the speed of the RAM i important, how important is it? The standard speed is DDR3-1600, but there is up to even DDR3-2666. And there is a price difference... Actually DDR3-2666 costs twice or more compared to what DDR3-1600 costs.

There was one impressive looking deal: Kingston HyperX Predator DDR3 PC21300/2666MHz CL11 XMP 2x4GB for $165.

But if I need more than 8gb of RAM, well then if I'm forced to keep buying DDR3-2666 it's going to be quite expensive.

As I said, I have never tried overclocking. The CPU clock controls the speed of the RAM? So DDR3-2600 mean the RAM is guaranteed to work up to speeds of 2600?

Actually looking on AMD's specs for the A10-7850k it says "DDR3 speed: 2133"

Any help greatly appreciated!
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    You won't be able to experience a smooth game play with an APU at 1080p, and you will need expensive RAM to overcome bandwidth limitations. You can easily buy a good mid-tower case for less than 50$ and get a much stronger PC that will outlive the APU based rig IMO.
  2. Thanks!

    You're right, instead of buying super grade DDR I could just spend that money on something better. I also found a review of the A10-7850k over at

    Here's a link to the final conclusion

    To summarize, The A10-7850k is the fastest integrated CPU/GPU solution to date, but it's not quite fast enough for the newest titles if you want more than minimum settings at lowest res, with perhaps a couple of exceptions where the A10 seemed to perform quite well. However the new A10 has improved crossfire performance which paired with a low cost card like AMD 240 or AMD 250 can give up to at 50%-90% in some titles, although in other's, even titles well known for working well with crossfire, no performance gain is seen.

    Also the final conclusion is that it is still cheaper to buy a slightly cheaper CPU and a discrete graphic's card like the AMD 260x, compared to buying the AMD A10-7850k and AMD 250 running them in crossfire. And.. the 260x would give significantly better performance.

    Also, all the tests made were in lower resolutions than 1080p, which makes me question AMD's sales pitch of "redefining what a CPU is" and "allowing you to play Bf4 at medium settings @ 1080p".

    Thank's for your response.

    If anyone has suggestions regarding how much RAM I should get for the gaming system I'm building your advice would be appreciated. I'm now more looking at getting a new case, and discrete graphics.
  3. 8 GB of RAM should be more than enough, most games don't even use more than 4 GB.
  4. Thanks again!

    I see you use the FX6300 in your build. Overclocked? How many percent performance increase could you get from overclocking an FX6300?
  5. What kind of games are you going to be playing? If you are going to play MMOs for example or other CPU intensive games that do not utilize more than four threads, then even an Intel i3 would be a better choice for a budget build since it has a far superior architecture and single threaded performace. Even the older AMD Phenoms II are superior in single threaded performance than the FX family processors on clock per clock basis. The FX-6300 would do better than the i3 in well multi-threaded titles like BF4, and may even catch up to an i5 if overclocked, but that will mean you will have to get a decent aftermarket cooler which will add to the total budget cost.
    Depending on ambient temperature where you live, you may be able overclock the FX-6300 a few 100MHz on the stock cooler. The i3 comes with a locked multiplier of course.
  6. Bf4 is one of the games i would want good performance in. I think somewhere around medium-high quality settings would be nice. I dropped my requirement of 1080p since I was given a sligthly older, smaller screen for free. Not sure what the resolution of the screen is, but lower than 1080p. Also I was given a tower case, which I think will hold a full height graphics card, and might hopefully have a better PSU than the one that is in my other case (~280w).

    I didn't know bf4 was well threaded. I suppose that speaks for getting a CPU from AMD. I'm not really playing any recent game atm, since i'm on an old laptop. But it's nice to be able to switch around between different titles. Would you say a majority of games does not do well multi-threading. Not sure about MMO's, Borderlands 2 would be fun. Would that game would need a lot of CPU power? Does it do well in multi-threading?

    It's an interesting problem, AMD can maybe supply better performance/price in software optimated for many threads, while Intel does better per core.

    Yea, overclocking would increase the budget even more. Coolingsystem, and maybe I would have to invest in a new PSU etc. Intel's processors seem to not require so much power.
  7. Borderland 2 runs fine on FX chips.
    With a card like the GTX 660 or R9 270 you can play BF4 on very high/Ultra at 900p/720p resolutions.
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