Which G.Skill Ram stick would be best? 1866 vs 2133

All I need is some ram. I plan on going with 8gb for now as i can get another pair if needed. DDR3 1600 Timing 9-9-9-24 DDR3 1866 Timing 9-10-9-28 DDR3 2133 Timing 11-11-11-30
Going to use ram for gaming and basic every day activities. I do multitask a lot. The prices are similar but the 2133 speed is going for $10 less.

I am guessing the 1866 with CAS 9 is the best? How would the 1600 with Timing 9-9-9-24 compared to 1866 Timing 9-10-9-28?
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  1. Check your mobo's vendor list for what sticks are supported, but this benchmarking shows the differences between CL and MHZ, pretty good read.
  2. take the one with 1.5v ;) or fry your cpu with 1.65v memos. the g-skill 1866 sniper is 1.5v
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    Any of the three will be fine, the best performance would be with the 1866/9 set....and No, you won't fry your CPU with 2133 1.65, but here the CL11 would hamper performance compared to the 1866/9, in fact the RJ Xs should be able to run 2133/10 (faster with lower CL) than the 2133/11 set and do so at prob 1.6 or even less
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