PC boots, shuts off for 5 seconds then continues to boot?

Video to show what I am talking about: http://

So I built my PC a month ago and it has done this from the start and I didn't know why this was happening. The stand by lights come on when I turn the PSU switch on then when I turn the PC on it will boot, turn off for about 5 seconds then continue to boot fine. It will stay on with no problems for 12 plus hours but I just want to know why this is happening and if it is or can harm my PC?
I have checked all PSU connection (24 pin, cpu, that is properly in an outlet) and no luck. If anyone can help out I would appreciate it.

Here is my PC http://
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    I have a machine that's been doing the same for years. I just assumed it's doing some sort of reset. I'm not worried.
  2. I was just wondering if having your machine overclocked can cause this? I am overclocked and read somewhere that when your pc is overclocked it will boot and the stock settings, then realizes it is overclocked resets and overclocked settings then continues to boot, does that make sense?
  3. Did you find a solution? I have the same problem which I posted here:
    I'm also overclocked so I'm guessing that's what causing it, but when I change clock and voltage speeds back to normal it still does the same thing.
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