gpu wont play any games keeps crashing?

hi my gpu ive had for quite some time radeon hd 4870 has been fine until yesterday i tried to play a few games and it kept crashing saying a display driver has recovered since then no games will play on my system
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  1. Hello... open your case and determine if your GPU fan needs cleaning and the fan turns easily... Try re-seating the Video card and then turning on your computer to verify the GPU fan turns on at high speed, and then slows down.
    Have you changed Drivers for your GPU before this happened?
  2. im having the same isue on my new mother bored i cleaned the gpu out b4 i put it in i got all the drivers installed as i booted pc so it ran my gpu instantly it has on reel started playing up since i put in my new cpu but iv had issues with this gpu on this mother bored -.- time for an upgrade think
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