What's the best/fun fps game for pc?

Looking for a fun fps game. I have a couple of in mind already. I want Bf4 but the constant crashes and glitches is what is holding me back from buying it. Crysis 3? Counter Stricke:GO?
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  1. planetside 2 thats all im going to say its free to play and really fun. it may have a lttle worse graphics than bf4 but its free to play and its so much larger scale
  2. COUNTER STRIKE SOURCE you wont regret it because as soon as i bought it after some hours of gameplay i never got bored of it its worth EVERY penny
  3. its about to be Titanfall.

    But planetside 2 is a lot of fun, borderlands 2 is fun, far cry 3.
  4. Constant crashes and glitches in BF4? It's really not that bad. I only experienced a few crashes from the game.
    And check this:

    I enjoyed BF3 more than I'm enjoying BF4.

    Other fun FPS that I like: Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Hawken.

    Now you're getting straight opinions here. To me, you either like CSS or you don't. I personally hated it. The hitboxes area a joke. But to each their own.
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    I would say try PlanetSide 2. I have at least 100+ hours in that game and found it really fun. It's free, or your can pay a subscription, or buy credits in the game. I picked up 3x $15 SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) cards over a time just to get some credits. They aren't necessary, but I thought I played enough to put some money back into the game. You don't start off with that bad of weapons. You can build in came credits to upgrade things or buy stuff. It's a VERY large scale game and I found it very fun and a breath of fresh air after spending so much time playing BF3.

    I actually gave up on Battlefield because of the DLC crap with BF3. I bought BF3 on release, but never bought the Premium DLC with all the maps until it was on sale from Origin. I vowed not to do the same thing with BF4. I played the demo and was not impressed. Not much of a change from BF3 except a few things like commander mode. So unless you like that fast paced and run/gun with the twitchy kids, I'd stay away from BF4.

    TitanFall is coming out soon, but it's a little different style of game. 6v6, but there are AI on each team as well. You get titans to battle it out in and run on foot. Looks cool, but it being an EA released game I will forever hold off to see what DLC or micro transaction crap they throw in it.

    It all depends on what style of FPS game you like. I say give PS2 a shot since it's free and I've had a LOT of fun with it. It's free and you only need to put money into it if you want.
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