how to get rid of blue screen virus in windows 7

Got a problem blue screen virus..using windows 7 went to safe mode and restored but did not rid the problem ...I have fallen and can't get up Sid
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    is there an error code with the blue screen.if you think its a virus try running a virus scan in safemode.if it comes up with anything get rid of it and by all means post the log.this log is our only way of identifying what if any infection you have.being as you did a system restore and the problem is still there i will take a shot in the dark and say a hardware problem.without the av logfile and the error code it is just that,a shot in the dark.
  2. If you formatted or did a system restore then it's probably not a virus etc, like Aldan said it is probably a hardware issue, If you can open event viewer or find out the bluescreen code it would make this much easier to diagnose.
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