Turn Actiontec router+modem into just a modem? Bridge mode? Please help.

Sorry for the vague and confusing title. Hopefully I can explain what I'm trying to do.

As part of my ongoing speed battles I decided to purchase a new router. I've been using my ISP supplied Actiontec for years, and I'm convinced that some of my issues are related to the Actiontec. Yesterday I received a new TP-Link (WR940N) and I've got it set up and working with no problem. I've also disabled the wireless on the Actiontec, and set the new TP link to the same SSID and password as before, so I don't have set up a new network on all my devices.

However, if I go to my router (,) it connects to the Actiontec. Is there any way to change settings so it points to my router? What other settings should I be changing to get the best performance?

TLDR; I want to turn my ISP supplied router into just a modem to be used in conjunction with a new Wireless-N router. How can I do that, and what settings should I be changing?
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  1. Err the IP for the WR940N is to log in to the router menu.

    Sigh. Oddly enough it states it in the MANUAL.

    The default domain name of the TL-WR940N Wireless N Router is http://tplinklogin.net, the
    default IP address is, and the default Subnet Mask is

    These values
    can be changed as you desire.
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