what type of ram i need?

Hello, need help i have msi g41m-p23 motherboard and 2gb of ddr3 ram with 10666mhz.the problem is , i bought one more stick with 4gb 1600mhz and it didnt work and didnt boot bios,same with 4gb 1066mhz...dont know what to do please help. Motherboards supports•- Supports two unbuffered DIMM of 1.5 Volt DDR3 800/1066/1333*(OC) DRAM, 8GB Max
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  1. try to use only the 4gb stick and see if it populates in windows it may be having confliction errors with your other stick of ram, it is 1066mhz and you are trying to run something your board isnt rated for...with out oc your boar can only handle sticks rated at 1066mhz
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