corsair vengeance xms3 only runs at 1333

Hello people i have an issue for a while now i've been trying to change the frequency of my ram from 1333 to 1600 but it just doesn't allow me to change it. any help would be nice.
ps: ill upload all the specifics from mobo - memory according to CPU-Z and the pic from bios.

All 4 pictures hope that helps, thanks again
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  1. That pic shows the memory is runng at 798MHZ. That is correct for 1600MHZ memory. It is Double Data Rate memory, so you effectively double the speed: 1596.4MHZ
  2. a-ha i was not aware of that however the 4th picture i uploaded from bios still shows 1333 right ? how is that even possible
    ps :( pretty noobish about it so excuse me if i ask stupid questions )
    thanks for the quick reply aswell
  3. The 4th pic shows the memory at 1600mhz also. What Ivy Bridge processor are you using?
  4. core i5-3450 @ 3.10 GHz
  5. hibye said:
    core i5-3450 @ 3.10 GHz

    I forgot to ask what the make/model of the RAM was.
  6. hmm sorry but im kinda lost/confused what exactly do you want me to find and write @ you
  7. Best answer
    hibye said:
    hmm sorry but im kinda lost/confused what exactly do you want me to find and write @ you

    Nevermind. I found it in the pics you posted. It looks like you are running this memory:

    The Ivy Bridge memory controller defaults to 1333MHZ memory speed. BUt by increasing the memory multiplier as you did, you are now running at 1600MHZ. You are fine.
  8. aha alright my man thanks a lot for taking time to look into it, cheers!
    Ps: i had writen the model as a topic name thats why i couldnt find it my self either after you wrote ite down silly me :P
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