£700 Budget to build a gaming PC to run Battlefield 4 on ultra or high

HI everyone recently I've started playing PC games more than console so I figured I should get a gaming PC but I've never really built one so just wondering what spec I could get for this price and if someone could make a list of what parts you would recommend. Id like to be able to play battlefield 4 without any lag on at least high. It also does not need to include the keyboard, mouse or monitors as I already have those.
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    Have a look at this:

    It comes to just under £700. But I haven't chosen a hard drive or OS.

    You'll want to get an SSD as they are much faster and more reliable. But are more expensive (Sorry for going over).

    That setup will easily be able to run BF4 on ultra at decent fps.

    I chose the i5 4670k because I thought you might want to overclock, and an decent air cooler if you do.
  2. AMD FX6300 + ATI R9 270X + WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB HDD + KINGSOTN HYPERX 2 X 4GB RAM + CORSAIR CX500M... the rest is up to you ! have fun :)
  3. thanks for your anwsers but i think im going to go with Ranfty computer spec
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