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Hi guys my father's psu just melted and I need to buy a new one for him.
He uses an old pentium 4 on an ASUS P5S800 VM/S. He does not have a graphics card. The old PSU was 250W, so I guess something in this range will do its cause.
I cant find any tier list for low wattage PSU's so I need your help guys. I want to buy something cheap but not a volcano that will fry the whole system. Thank you.

PS: Keep in mind that the board uses a 4-Pin atx12v power connector for the cpu along with the standard 20-pin. (I ordered the corsair VS350 but then I cancelled it because it only has an 8-pin atx12v connector).
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  1. This would be good. Antec makes quality power supplies:
  2. thank you for the fast response. I can find this psu for 43Euro. Is it worth spending that money for such a weak computer I dont know... Maybe some of these cheaper solutions has good quality too?
    Chieftec GPA - 350s8 Iarena Series 350W
    Cooler Master Elite Power 400W
    Coba System 400W 80+
    LC - Power LC8400P Metatron
    Lepa N - Series N400 - SA-EU
    SFX 200W PSU LC Power
    SFX 300W Power Supply LC Power
    POWER SUPPLY 350W PJ-350
  3. Maybe the Coolermaster, but the rest I haven't even heard of lol The CoolerMaster would be fine for this build, if it's cheaper enough.
  4. OK then this: Cooler Master Elite Power 400W, or:
    they all have the same price. Maybe its not good to go for 500w overkill?
  5. Nothing wrong with the 500w, especially if it's cheaper. If not, the 400w will be just fine. Your system isn't going to draw much power, going with a higher wattage just lets the power supply last longer - generally speaking.
  6. Thank you HiTechObsessed. I have one last question for you. is the corsair vs450 or the coolermaster elite power 400w better?
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    They're probably about the same, to be honest lol whichever is cheaper will be fine.
  8. ok thank you they have the same price ill go for the vs450 it has 3 years warranty .
  9. Sounds good, enjoy!
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