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Hello Forum,

I am googling 3.5" External Hard Drive Enclosures for RAID 5 and seemed to find a great, reliable enclosure. It's the OWC Qx2:
I want to put into this enclosure, 4 x 1TB Western Digital Red's, but when I read that Western Digital Green and Red drives are not recommended due to potential critical operational issues attributed to the IntelliPower technology providing inconsistent variable transfer rates... I am doubting that the OWC enclosure would be suitable for WD Red's ? Of course, I can change the hard drives to another like the WD Caviar Black drives, but I prefer the Red's because they can be on 24/7 days a week which run at low power, good speed and cool. Black's drain so much power, and tend to get hot.
I want to hook up my enclosure to my Asus RT-N66U Router (which has 2 USB 2.0 ports) and then I can have access to my external hard drive from all my devices (laptops, stationary computer and smartphone). So it's like a NAS system.
What hard drive enclosure and what hard drive would you recommend me in order to work flawlessly and in 24/7 mode ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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  1. Check your routers specs; I think there was a 2 or 3tb max drive size but I'm not 100% sure. Better safe than sorry.
  2. It's 2TB or 3Tb depending on the format. Please refer to Asus's chart.
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