Building a gtx 760 computer, should I buy the evga sc?

Should I buy the superclocked at 1072 core clock speed for $20 more than the regular which is only 980 on it's core clock? Also plan on doing SLI with the card in the future when I have the money, so will the $40 be worth the speed or will I be able to make up for it with manual over clocking?

Also the regular doesn't have the acx fan, will that be a big variable in the value too? Is it loud without?


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  1. I have the FTW and the SC in SLI right now and the SC with ACX is a better card than the regular blower card.
    The acx cooler works better than the blowers but only with good case airflow if that's a problem the blowers will help temps.
  2. Id defentitly suggest the sc version but take a look at the asus version it has better cooling also gigabyte is great too
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    SC w/ ACX version for sure!

    Some bench scores from an EVGA 760 SC ACX SLI setup of mine for reference purposes:
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