need help blown up power supply BIG BOOM!!!!!

hey guys i need some help i did smthing extremely stupid last night while my pc was on i switched the power input switch at the back to 115 i think and thr was a big blasting noise and a few sparks from the power box and i wana knw if i could possibly fix this what would that have done to my power supply and if thrs anyway of chking if my mobo is fried aswell please help me.

it was a 400W power supply that came with the case i think cus it doesnt have a brand written on it anywhere.

please keep the insults at a minimum i knw i did something extremely extremely stupid and now im regretting it so please help me :(
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  1. Well their are a couple of things you can do. You can purchase a new power supply unit perhaps something like the CX430 from corsair they are fair inexpensive.

    I would not re use the power supply you currently have if their was a discharge within the unit.
  2. well, you effectively ran twice as many volts through your psu, so it is almost certainly dead. as for your mobo and other components, idk. open your case and check for physical damage. if there is none, then you will probly have to reset the surge protector. after that, try to boot with a different psu. if that doesnt work, you probly damaged your system. and i know it sounds stupid, but the 115v is twice as much as the 220 or 240, cuz when you set it to 220 or 240, it does something to turn it down to 3v, 5v, and 12v. by setting it to 115, you made the psu think it was only getting 115v, so it only downs it by half as much as with 220 or 240. but it was actually still getting 220/240v, so you ran 6v, 10v, and 24v through the psu.
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    Not fixable. Replace the power supply. If the new one has the same selector switch on it then make sure it's in the correct position and place a piece of black tape over it to eliminate the temptation to mess with it. You're actually quite fortunate that things didn't become a little more "explosive" (as it were).
  4. you were not lucky, most of the time your psu auto-shuts off when you do that.
  5. thanx for the answer guys ill replace the power supply first thing tom morening mayb buy smthing stronger and save up for a better graphic card :D THANKKK YOOOOUUUU!!!!!!
  6. I remember when I first started to build computers and did this once. MY psu didn't have the right cables to power my system and I was jerry rigging things and was at my wits end and decided to flip that switch. My psu started emmitting smoke was discharging! Luckily for me, only the psu had to be replaced.
  7. i did this on purpose with an old pc just to see what kind of damage it would cause. i switched it from the 115volt to 230volt
    here is the result:
    PSU fried just as you described, it also took out the CPU and the IDE channels on the Motherboard as well. in all i'd say you have to replace all those first.
  8. i would say try it with a new psu first aslong as there is no physical damage, like blown capacitors or burnt anything.
  9. Chances are other components of your computer are fried. It's rare for a PSU to fail and not damage anything.
  10. Danbuscus25 said:
    i would say try it with a new psu first aslong as there is no physical damage, like blown capacitors or burnt anything.

    ^ I agree I would take a look around your motherboard. If you have a graphics card your graphics card. Also once you remove the power supply sniff around. The smell of burned out computer hardware can't be mistaken it smells awful.
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