A very strange problem. What is it?

Ok so ive been having problems with my computer recently.. It operated very slow... so i bought a new SSD and Win7 and its awsome.. way faster. But im having a problem with my Internet and i guess maybe windows still? Possibly something else wrong hardware wise? I can join a game and play for hours.. no internet loss.. Yet i try to download a game.. something a little larger and it dies. Reset modem.. it works again for maybe another 5 minutes and dies.. Reset.. again another 5 minutes and dies. Yet the internet didn't really die.. cause our cell phones/tablets still have internet just fine. But again playing a game online.... It never dies... WTF? and sometimes i get a very weird blue screen saying its dumping system memory to disk or something like that... not the blue screen of death but another one. Reboot and again working fine. I think there is some underlying problem with my computer. Maybe my motherboard is dying? Hell i donno.. but the internet thing has be baffled. Ill try and write down what that blue screen says next time if it happens again.. but anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Start by installing the latest Wireless or LAN (which ever you use) drivers from manufacturer of the motherboard (if it is custom built) or of the machine itself (if it is a stock machine). Is it a laptop or desktop? How old? What parts? Details are needed to solve beyond drivers.

    Good Luck
  2. My system is kinda old... 5 years id say... Its a

    Corei7 920
    Asus p6t mobo
    6gb ram
    250gb SSD
    GTX 275

    I tried updating the drivers for the LAN.. not from Asus's website but from the realtek's website. I just did a fresh install today and havn't updated all the drivers yet.. Like with Mobo and GPU and whatnot. I just find it funny it cuts off internet to the computer only when downloading large files. Was playing a game for the last 3 hours without any internet loss.... But im downloading Diablo 3.. and it cuts off many times.. But again only to my computer.. Cell/tables still use wifi just fine. Infact i had to reboot modem just to post this msg and it went down before i could submit it.. But a simple reboot of modem and its back... for a few minutes id say. Is there something that cuts it off if there is to much bandwidth or somethin? lol
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    You can always run an ethernet cable between your computer and the router. That would guarantee connection. Or you can reset the router to default settings. The latter I would recommend anyhow. With a bunch of people using many different devices who knows who downloaded what kind of crazy malware that is having a field day on your network. Reset the thing and use a different password when you set up wireless networking. I'm betting that the communication failure between computer and router is either in the router's firmware (either it's out of date or corrupted the crazy shit your roomates download), which you can update via the manufacturer's website, or the stinking thing is failing under load. It's not uncommon for a router to show its first sign of death throws with failure under load.

    Still, I wish you luck.
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