No SSD storage tools?

Hi All,

Ive just started building a new desktop gaming PC but have stumbled across something.

I've got a NZXT Phantom Enthusiast case but just noticed the tool set included does not include SSD mounts for the 3.5 bays?

I've got 2 Samsung EVO 128Gb SSD's and I dont seem to be able to mount them. Checked everywhere for tools or other places to mount them but no joy.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. I have no experience with this specific product, but it looks like it would work well. $9 at Amazon.

    There are many other 2.5 - 3.5 adapter plates.
  2. @ 5:08

    Paul (the guy) talks about the available screw holes for 2.5" drive mount.
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