XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB Editon Help Pls need quick reply

Hi guys, I have a Gigabyte GA-A75M UD2H mobo and a friend gave me a XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB. Will this GPU work with the my motherboard I have? Also right now Im using AMD A4-3400 APU can I crossfire the XFX Radeon HD 5770 with the IGP?

Thank you!
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  1. As long as you have a 450w power supply, you will be fine to do so. I don't believe you can crossfire those nor should you need to.
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    Yes it will work but no you can't Xfire them no really point even if you could the 5770 much faster GPU than what on the APU. Just make sure your PSU is up to par probably need quality 400-450 PSU for that card.
  3. Thanks for the quick help guys. So you think its a better GPU than the IGP? Also I have a 430w PSU atm, think its enough to run it?
  4. Yes its way, way better than the IGP
  5. Thanks guys. Got the GPU installed and running. OC'd it to 930/1320 and runs really good. Im actually impressed with this card. It can run games from mid-high settings, especially with the extra boost. Though it idles at 50c and at high loads goes to about 70c but Im guessing that's because of my case and airflow.
  6. Well the 5XXX series just ran hot.
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