BSOD Memory management & page error in non paged area

i recently built a custom gaming pc and the specs are fairly high, and since day one ive been having problems but they eventually got worse to the point when i was getting three or four crashes a day and all different crashes, i then upgraded my power supply and this resolved some of the crashes, then i had a technical "expert" look at it and they thought it was a software problem so my computer was gutted and i had to start again from scratch, this resolved most of the problems but when i started gaming i frequently got a bsod page error in non paged area, and sometimes a memory management bsod, ive done alot of research on it and everythings leading to a problem with my RAM (8gb) and my pc has some startup issues especially when windows update restarts it, it will just go to a black screen after the boot menu appears, i dont want to believe its my RAM because its brand new and it doesnt make sense how it could have broken so quickly, can some one please confirm this?
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  1. What mobo, CPU, model # of the DRAM, GPU and PSU and do you have the latest BIOS and mobo drivers
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